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Commitment to the care and respect for the environment.

 This company is committed to the care and respect for the environment in the daily exercise of their activities

Commitment to the care and respect for the environment.

To make this commitment a reality, Hotel Risco Plateado considers necessary the maximum involvement of the entire company and all its employees by implementing efficient solutions and finding sustainable and innovative alternatives for operation.

That is why we adopted this Environmental Policy which provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets, based on the following points:

  • Apply environmental criteria in all planning and decision-making on issues that might affect the environment.
  • Comply with environmental legislation that is applicable to our activities and commitments voluntarily.
  • Rational use of resources, minimizing the consumption of water, paper and energy; reducing the generation of waste and emissions; promoting recycling and looking for eco-efficient solutions.
  • Give adequate and continuous training to improve staff involvement and training of its work with criteria of respect for the environment.
  • To promote good environmental practices among our suppliers and customers.
  • Constantly improve our environmental performance and evaluate it periodically.
  • Practicing sustainable use of natural resources and raw materials and to promote the efficient use of energy, and practice reuse and recycling of waste generated by the activity.